Friday, January 9, 2009

Time to do my favorite task: shopping for the store! Tired feet, bad food, but you end up very excited and inspired by what you see. You can begin to see with my merchandise selection that I start to lean towards a cleaner, lighter look and veering away from the strict traditional English style I have loved for so long. My favorite is this antique Belgian antler chandelier that has carved wood bobeche and carved dog head horn finial.


  1. Hi Nancy!
    Congratulations on your blog - how fantastic!!! Welcome to blogland!!! I will certainly add you to our blog reading list! And ha! I think there you are, notepad in hand, shopping around, am I wrong? :-)
    My husband and I are still hoping to come out to the Hamptons this winter and see your shop - it will be a month or so as I am, as I type, 39 weeks pregnant and pretty much just waiting for our baby to be born any minute!!
    A big hug and congratulations again!

  2. Loving your that you there in the top photo?