Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Construction Begins!

The plan begins to take shape. The guys are starting to build the front window display platform. Now I am beginning to be able to see the space even though some of the former tenants furniture is still there. The platform is built so that it can be removed at any time in case I have a tall piece to be displayed. The plan is to hang a back board for display even though I have not figured that part out yet - John and I are still thinking about how that is going to work. The floor is sort of interesting and rustic and I am contemplating keeping it. In the far back of the shop where the custom interior design/ fabric area will be, we move in a large console to see exactly how to lay the space out and how far up to build the display shelves. Already it looks much better than the first day I signed the lease! The display platform and back board are completed. John has made the back board from light weight pine so that I will be able to lift it out with another girl to change the display. The size of the board is made to display a two yard, 54" wide cut of fabric or wallpaper. Much to my dismay there are not always wonderful men with muscles around to help! The window displays have to be changed very often during the Hamptons summer season (I did six this season) so it has to be quick and easy for me to do it by myself in the evenings. The guys are busy dismantling the back shell pink office (yuck!) This space is tucked behind the fabric area. In my old shop there was no hidden office space - so I am really happy to be able to conceal all the office equipment, binders, and source books back here. Cannot wait to get rid of all traces of the awful dirty dingy pink walls! The guys finish up the construction and clean up. It is only now that I see these strange alien like markings on the floor! Those definately have to go! The walls, display platform, and shelving have been painted - so now the windows get covered up until the store opens. Notice stuff from the old tenant is still sitting in the middle of the room!

Monday, September 28, 2009

A New Shop!

Well, here I go again - a new shop location for Hound Hill Design. In previous posts you can see the first shop which was located directly on Route 27 - which is the main road running through the Hamptons and this new location is right in the middle of Southampton village on Jobs Lane. On the bleakest March day, despondent about the prospects of a new shop, through another kind shop owner I find out this building is for rent. The store on the left has the rent sign posted but I think the right side is a much better location. I meet with the landlord and he tells me that I can have the building on the right if I prefer. Being a New Yorker I waste no time - I sign the lease that day and begin work shortly thereafter! The day ends very well and I am thrilled about the new shop location.

The store is strewn with stuff and I have a very hard time visualizing the space and imagining anything great can come of it. To me it looks small - but has two great display windows visible from Jobs Lane. I am hoping with a lot of paint it is possible to make it very charming. On my way home I am already plotting and planning! In my head the space is divided up into "rooms" - and the next step is to ask my trusted and wonderful builder, John Herger and his crew if he could possibly fit me into his schedule. We have to do it in the late afternoon and evenings, but the answer is yes. Lucky me.

There are many things to think about, but most important are the display windows. It so happens the rep from Designers Guild comes by to show the new line and I fall in love with one of their new tassels. This is exactly what I always encourage my clients to do when they have no idea where to start with their room design: focus on one thing that you like and the rest will fall into place. The color combination is so beautiful - and against white it will really stand out. Designers Guild wallpaper, fabrics, and tassel are used and Cowtan & Tout on the pillow. This is a simple, fresh and current look. However, after the display window was up I did learn my first lesson about the new shop. The sun is very strong most of the day and soft palette schemes do not show well from Jobs Lane looking into the courtyard. From here on out the window displays are more vibrant.

The guys are in full swing now. They have started building the platform for the front display window and I am deciding how to split the store up to best utilize the space. I decide that I am able to get four areas for display and the front window. The far back wall will be the fabric / interior design area which I am going to divide off from the store with built-in display shelving. The biggest eye sore is the ceiling - but I decide this is not the year to rip it down - so it stays - much to my dismay. Totally out of character I listen to others advice and leave it alone. With a big push I did manage to get the store opened for the Hamptons summer season as planned.