Friday, January 9, 2009

Another room comes together. Looking back the shop started out very English and traditional!
The small building is shown as a garden room. The custom table skirt is made from fabric and bullion fringe trim from Cowtan & Tout. The floral arrangement is silk and was custom made for this vignette. I just used these white majolica plates for my Christmas table on tartan place mats - timeless!

This is the front room of the main building. Note the beautiful French inspired dining table with the heavy wrought iron base. This table found a home in my client's wine cellar next to an antique wine barrel that I also sold to him. These dog prints are favorites of mine - I think they work equally well in traditional or transitional rooms. The curtains are hanging over the chair waiting to be hung.


  1. So many beautiful things! That table (the one that now lives in a wine cellar) is so beautiful - the perfect piece for my dream pergola! I love the mix of iron and wood, especially in that sort of farmhouse style plank by plank. I am very inspired by all of these things Nancy! You've really got a great blog here!

  2. So glad to have found your blog. I can tell I'll be spending lots of time perusing these wonderful postings and pics! :-) Thanks Artie and Carol for pointing me here. :-) Susan

  3. You have some splendid images... I'm drooling over all the decor! Sensational!
    The Antiques Diva