Friday, January 9, 2009

Now the holidays are over I turn my attention to developing a website for Hound Hill Design and new vignettes for the store. Ideas are taking shape for a vignette: fabrics, accessories, furnishings, and tabletop. And then the final store display. These are my first experimental shots for the website. I am determined to do my own styling and photography for the site. It took me three months!

Lesson: Learn to delegate!
I adore this pitcher with the hound handle. I bought them thinking I would own them for a long time due to the controversial hunt motif. But I did sell them to another whippet lover. Note the timeless Scalamandre "Edwin's Covey" fabric used as a back drop.
A beautiful nautilus shell encased with sterling silver mount and handle. This piece found a very nice home with a lady who walked into the shop right before closing and went right to it. I asked her if it was a present and she replied "yes - for me!" I thought that was very nice that she was treating herself to something really special. Lots of hard work but I hope you will all agree it was worth the effort. Please have a look:


  1. I LOVE those framed dog prints! Really! If they're still around when we finally make it to your shop, I might just have to purchase a couple, or two couples... :-)

  2. I think you should do your own styling! You're great at it! I'll go back to the website when I'm done here.

  3. Despite the hunt motif, the white pitcher speaks to me as well.

  4. I love this fabric, can you tell me a little about it.
    -Cheers, Amy