Monday, September 28, 2009

There are many things to think about, but most important are the display windows. It so happens the rep from Designers Guild comes by to show the new line and I fall in love with one of their new tassels. This is exactly what I always encourage my clients to do when they have no idea where to start with their room design: focus on one thing that you like and the rest will fall into place. The color combination is so beautiful - and against white it will really stand out. Designers Guild wallpaper, fabrics, and tassel are used and Cowtan & Tout on the pillow. This is a simple, fresh and current look. However, after the display window was up I did learn my first lesson about the new shop. The sun is very strong most of the day and soft palette schemes do not show well from Jobs Lane looking into the courtyard. From here on out the window displays are more vibrant.

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