Monday, September 28, 2009

The guys are in full swing now. They have started building the platform for the front display window and I am deciding how to split the store up to best utilize the space. I decide that I am able to get four areas for display and the front window. The far back wall will be the fabric / interior design area which I am going to divide off from the store with built-in display shelving. The biggest eye sore is the ceiling - but I decide this is not the year to rip it down - so it stays - much to my dismay. Totally out of character I listen to others advice and leave it alone. With a big push I did manage to get the store opened for the Hamptons summer season as planned.


  1. OH YAY!!!!!!! You're back! :) I'm SO excited to see how this all turned out.

  2. Thank you Artie for your support after such a long absence from blogging. You will understand why in my future posts!!