Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pressure to Open

Things are shaping up! Hound Hill has a proper sign. This is something I was never able to get for my former store location due to a whole host of reasons - so I made sure this time there was no question about getting legal signage. Here my friend is putting on the final coat of paint in my favorite grey/taupe color. The sun is out and everything has turned green. So different from the first time I saw the shop in March!
Remember to click on any photo to enlarge....

We start bringing in the larger furniture. At the warehouse my movers look worried looking at the large sofa. They let me know that they don't think the sofa will fit through the front door of the shop. I let them know that is not an option - it MUST fit - and thankfully it does! In this instance one of my worst traits of not listening to anyone pays off!

We place the furniture in the front display window just to see exactly how much is going to fit. Lots of experimenting here as it is the first window!

I decide to also decorate the back office. Since much of my time is spent here I thought I should make it nice enough for clients to come way in to the back and for me to enjoy my surroundings. This is going to take a bit of work here! I am thinking sort of Anglo-Raj/Caribbean: grasscloth on the walls, sisal for the floor, billowing (!) white linen sheer curtain over the door, white fabric and framed shells. Don't you think having beautiful things around you is constantly inspiring?

You see - look how messy it is already! This is the fabric area in the back of the store and you can see all the favorite colors used in the Hamptons being stacked up: blue, beige, cream, and all shades of white.

Here is the first window display backboard ready to be hung up with the Designers Guild wallpaper. I think it is quite eye catching and very fresh looking.

Getting the side display window ready. Love that pale blue octopus print!

Starting to work on the dining room vignette. Of course you would never put all these chairs together - but in a small store you must display as much as possible.

And here is the first display window. The night before opening my good friend Victoria quickly made this curtain panel so that we could take down the paper from the windows and open up the store! A little skimpy with no lining or interlining but fine for display. Click on the photo to see the pretty details in the window: crackled green garden stool, pale blue pillow with white embroidery,and the gorgeous tassel . I learn from this first window that in the strong sunlight these beautiful soft serene colors disappear. Moving forward the display fabrics are bolder and more vibrant. That pale aqua proved to be a very popular color for summer 2009. The store has opened for the Hamptons season!


  1. Oh WOW! That vignette is gorgeous, and that pale blue octopus print is a MUST HAVE!!! I love it!! This is going to be FABULOUS! I can't wait to see more!

  2. Wooouuuw! It is really gorgeous! It must be so nice to have a new shop! It is a whole new world! And I am sure this new shop will give you energy! And yes it is also a good job to make your office at the back very cosy, because you will spend a lot of time in it!
    The first window display with that wonderful seat looks GORGEOUS! I wish you a lot of success!!!

  3. OMG I will have to tell my cousin to stop by. She has a home there!! I love it!!

  4. Thank you both for stopping by and leaving such encouraging comments! Of course, Greet, my back office cannot even come close to the beautiful office you did for your brother. Having wonderful fabrics is not enough, I need the incredible carpentry and wood beams also!!

  5. Thanks Amy for spreading the word! Make sure to have your cousin introduce herself when she comes in the shop. Is she in Southampton?

  6. I am in love and I am so happy for you. I love the octopuss print, wish I had my beach house. Heidi